25th Anniversary

The Eagan Foundation (EFI) can be compared to Eagan’s Grandfather Burr Oak Tree. EFI has strong roots in the Eagan community and spreads its branches far and wide to help make Eagan the best place to live, learn, work, and play. EFI also provides a strong base in the form of scholarships for high school graduates and grants to community nonprofits in order to help them spread their wings and fly high and proud.

The Eagan Foundation is celebrating 25 years, established in 1990 with the first scholarships awarded to 11 high school seniors from the graduating class of 1991.

Throughout 2015, EFI will have celebrations recognizing the 25th anniversary, highlighting service achievements and acknowledgingthe growth of the organization as it looks ahead to the future.

“This is a huge milestone for EFI,” said Mark Streed, EFI Board Chair. “Eagan Foundation has been innovative and creative since its founding, and we will celebrate our past achievements as we look forward to many more years of providing community service to the Eagan community,” he said.

Eagan Mayor, Mike Maquire, recognizes Eagan Foundation’s 25th anniversary in service to the City of Eagan at the March 19th State of the City address.

Scholarship Program

Looking backIn its first year, the Eagan Foundation awarded 11 scholarships totaling $4,350; 25 years later, EFI will award 119 scholarships totaling $118,975. The EFI scholarship program has grown exponentially over the last 25 years as community sponsors have invested in the Eagan Foundation and realized the great value of awarding scholarships through EFI. This means not only that over $1 million has been ‘packed’ into college suitcases over the last 25 years, but also that 1,290 graduates, as they go on to greater heights, have had the opportunity to feel the pride of being recognized by their community with a monetary award.

Looking forward: In the years ahead Eagan Foundation will continue to put forth effort to establish a lasting investment opportunity for donors interested in sustained funding for the fulfillment of EFI’s mission to both Eagan area students and community organizations.

Community Grants Program

Looking back: Eagan Foundation began awarding community grants in 2005. Over the 25 year history of Eagan Foundation has awarded $55,000 to dozens of community nonprofits serving Eagan. The Foundation is proud to support nonprofits that serve a variety of community interests including helping people in need, enhancing our community through the arts, or helping to preserve Eagan’s history as EFI reaches far and wide to continue to do the work of making Eagan the best place to live, learn, work, and play.

Looking forward: In the years ahead EFI plans to continue supporting local nonprofits serving Eagan.

Community Service Projects

Looking back: Like the Great Oak, which Eagan Foundation helped to relocate in 2001, there is a history of innovative community service projects including Eagan resident flood relief in 2000, “Eagan Forever Green” tree replanting project in 1998-99, and Eagan Ice Arena fundraising efforts in 1994-95.


Looking Forward: Any ideas for future community service needs? The Foundation’s community service projects have come from ideas presented by Eagan citizens like you! If you have an idea, we want to hear it! Contact the Eagan Foundation today.

25th Anniversary Celebrations

In honor of the 25th year anniversary, community grants and scholarships will include an additional $25 added to every grant and scholarship. Thank you to the Foundation’s generous Silver Anniversary supporters, Meshbesher and Spence and the Eagan Foundation, Inc. for making this possible.

Thank you to the City of Eagan and various local nonprofits for their support in recognizing the Eagan Foundation’s 25th anniversary on the city electronic signs as well as on nonprofit websites and in newsletters.

Be part of the celebration! Eagan Foundation would like to collect 25 stories to share in celebration of the 25th anniversary. Are you a scholarship recipient, nonprofit, or former board member with a story to tell? Please contact Eagan Foundation! Like us on Facebook or connect with EFI on LinkedIn. We want to talk to you!

A reunion of sorts will be held this fall to celebrate the 25th anniversary and acknowledge the contributions of past Eagan Foundation board members. If you are a former board member please make sure you are on our mailing list by emailing us today!

It is also appropriate for us to congratulate Eagan High School as it celebrates a 25th anniversary this year. Eagan High School and Eagan Foundation share a common history. Tom Wilson, one of the founding members of Eagan Foundation, was also the original principal of Eagan High School. Tom retired from Eagan High School in 2002 but still remains a dedicated and passionate supporter of all that is Eagan.

As part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, Eagan Foundation has refreshed its “look” with a new 25th logo. Although our logos have changed over the years, the mission has remained the same!